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Help Five Acres find 20,000 permanent family solutions by the year 2020!

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent? Or adopting a child? Or sibling set? Help Five Acres find forever families for the 20,000 children living in foster care in Los Angeles County by the year 2020!

Learn more below about the 2016 Permanency Campaign and all the various ways you can help join the cause, today.


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2015 Fostering Heroes Campaign for May – National Foster Care Awareness Month


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2015 Raising Happiness

Five Acres Child Abuse Prevention Campaign for the month of April

At the core of our mission is the safety of children, so recognizing, preventing and advocating the need for safety for the most vulnerable children is a key measure to our work here at Five Acres.  Children’s safety has been one of Five Acres’ top priorities since its establishment 127 years ago. Over the years, the needs of the community evolved and Five Acres expanded its services from helping 45 orphaned children to over 8,400 children and families served today.

As part of our mission to promote safety, Five Acres has launched its, “Raising Happiness” advocacy campaign, tied to National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Our objective with Raising Happiness is to bring heightened awareness to the preventative, compassionate and at times, intensive work we do every day to keep children safe and free from harm.

This campaign is focused on safe and healthy parenting.

Throughout the month of April, you will see our Raising Happiness campaign prominently displayed on an outdoor billboard on the corner of Fair Oaks and Holly Street in Old Pasadena and with print ads inside Pasadena Weekly, LA Parent magazine, banner ads online and daily parenting tips and stats on social media including Facebook and Twitter.


2014 launch of the 20,000 by 2020 project

Meet the Children!

Children in foster care are beautiful and resilient kids who, through no fault of their own, are removed from their families due to situations of abuse and neglect. They are babies, toddlers, elementary school-age children, tweens and teens. Sometimes they are removed from their families permanently and are waiting to be adopted. These children need loving, permanent homes, but many people who are considering adopting a child are not aware that so many children of all ages are waiting for parents to bring them home. That’s why Five Acres has created our annual Permanency Campaign and 20,000 By 2020.

As of Thursday, March 5, 2015,  Five Acres completes their Boy 5A fostering campaign with the adoption (purchase of) the 4 foot sculpture. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Foundation has bought the artistic piece and has made a contribution to Five Acres Permanency Campaign, in the amount of $10,000.00.

Likened to the Cow on Parade in Chicago and the Community of Angels Project in Los Angeles, the Boy 5A Project was designed to educate the public on the crisis that is the current foster care system. Five Acres’ mission with the Boy 5A Project was to help bring heightened awareness and create a sense of urgency for the more than 20,000 children currently living in flux and in the foster care system in LA.

Of the over 400,000 children across the nation in foster care, nearly 61,000 are in the state of California and of that number a third live in the city of Los Angeles. The hope is that Boy 5A triggers action and more prospective foster and adoptive families will step up and make the commitment to either foster or adopt.

As of today, Five Acres can report out at least three prospective foster families currently in Five Acres foster care trainings who had heard about the opportunities to foster>adopt through the Boy 5A Project and the advertising of the 20,000 By 2020 Permanency campaign.

For almost one hundred days, Boy 5A was on display in seven various corporate partners’ public spaces, lobbies, courtyards and offices; representing (on average) the many homes and adjustments a foster child experiences while in care.  Capturing the joy and hope of the children, Boy 5A has helped Five Acres drive home the message that children in foster care are just that – children – with the same basic needs as any of their peers. When foster children placed in a permanent family solution, they have the same opportunities to thrive and grow.

With the purchase of Boy 5A by Berkshire Hathaway Foundation, the sculpture has found his “forever family” and thus, culminating the Boy 5A Project and advocacy campaign

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