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Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Pasadena CA

Life is unpredictable. Even those with stable incomes and healthy relationships can encounter situations that challenge their mental or behavioral health. Major life shifts—such as pregnancy, loss of a loved one or losing a job—can destabilize our sense of normalcy.

Whether you or a loved one struggle with depression, addiction or even abuse, it can be difficult to seek help. It’s critical that we tend to our mental health as a regular exercise to keep ourselves and our families in-tact and thriving during trying times. Five Acres has made behavioral health services Pasadena central to its mission to strengthen and empower families in our community.

Benefits of Five Acres Mental Health Services Pasadena
When we’re mentally healthy, we’re able to be better friends, neighbors, parents and citizens. We’re able not only to enjoy our lives in the present, but to lay a firm foundation to weather future difficulties. Here are several key benefits to seeking therapeutic behavioral health support from Five Acres:

  • Keep your family together
    Statistics show that children who remain with their families have greater success academically, financially, socially and with their mental health. When mental or behavioral issues threaten to break your family apart, Five Acres provides the therapeutic intervention you need to keep your family whole and thriving.
  • Have an emotional outlet for stress or reoccurring problems
    We navigate a wide array of emotions in our daily lives. While it can seem like we’re juggling everything successfully, the constant pressure of even the most commonplace responsibilities can pack on emotional strain. Working with a therapist at Five Acres provides you with a safe space to set aside daily cares to get the refreshment you need as a human being.
  • Create an accountability partner for your goals
    None of us achieve successful mental health in a vacuum. A mental health counselor also serves as an accountability partner. Their purpose is to equip you with the tools to identify and overcome challenges—and make sure you stay on track with your progress.

Help break the mental health stigma
Approximately 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 5 youth aged 13–18 cope with some kind of mental health issue. Yet far fewer reach out and ask for help.
Our mental health deserves just as much attention as our physical health. When you partner with a therapist at Five Acres, you’re setting an example for your friends, family and community that breaks down barriers to living well. Help us break the stigma by becoming a champion for behavioral and mental health.

Reach out today
There is no shame in seeking help for your mental health. For those ready to take action, contact Five Acres behavioral health services Pasadena and find the skills you need to achieve your best life. Visit Five Acres Pasadena Mental Health Care office at 867 North Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena, CA 91103 or contact us at
wecanhelp@5acres.org | (626) 993-3100.