Change A Child’s Life This Summer at Five Acres

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For some of our kids, Five Acres is the only safe place they have. Due to neglect, abuse or financial hardship many have not experienced the everyday joys we take for granted — like going to the movies, shopping, or seeing the ocean. Providing them with summer fun creates a sense of belonging and normalcy in their lives.

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At Five Acres, we’ve been busy creating all kinds of therapeutic programs to keep our kids engaged, challenged and fulfilled this summer. From sporting activities to Dodger games to simple shopping outings, a small gift from you can restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of FiveFive Acres Descanso Gardens Field Trip Acres’ children in residence.

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We believe that every child, regardless of his or her family situation, should have a summer to remember. Donate any amount today to support that mission and change a child’s life this summer!