Five Acres turkey trot

collage of five acres trotters

What is a Turkey Trot?

A Turkey Trot is a family and friends reunion which usually takes place on Thanksgiving morning. Participants walk, run, bike or trot together. It’s a great way to limber up before a big Thanksgiving meal. It’s also a time to be thankful for what we have and donate to those who need support.

What is the Five Acres VIRTUAL Turkey Trot? 

It’s the same as a regular Turkey Trot, but due to the ongoing pandemic, there is no set location and does not have to be on Thanksgiving, unless that’s what you want! It can be indoors or outdoors. Five Acres Turkey Trot 2021 is going on NOW through November 25, THANKSGIVING DAY! Virtual also means that you can form a team with friends and family, while you are distanced. You aren’t limited to walking, running, biking or trotting. You can also treadmill, Peloton, push baby in a stroller through the neighborhood, do yoga or just relax indoors. You decide!

How is the money I’ve raised used? How about my donation? 

The money that you raise and the donation that you make to Five Acres will go towards our Permanency Campaign goal of $100,000 which will enable Five Acres to continue our mission in finding a safe, permanent home for the 33,000 foster youth in L.A County


Check out our video for some trotting tips!