Residential Services

Five Acres Residential Services

Five Acres Short Term Therapeutic Residential Programs (STRTP) provide intensive, temporary out-of-home care and therapeutic services for emotionally disturbed children who cannot be served at home or with their families. As one of the few remaining residential programs in Los Angeles, our approach includes:

  • Designing a treatment plan to meet each child’s developmental needs
  • Including the child’s choice and voice during their treatment to help them thrive
  • Providing a safe, home-like environment while they heal and work towards permanency

Short Term Therapeutic Residential Program: Main Campus

Five Acres Main Campus Altadena

Five Acres currently offers two locations in our STRTP program, including our main campus in Altadena, California. In operation since the 1920s, this location houses our main administrative staff and provides a temporary home for up to 80 children aged six (6) years fourteen (14).

Short Term Therapeutic Residential Program: Solita

Our second, smaller “Solita” location in Pasadena, California operates on the same principals as our main campus. Here we offer secure housing and care for up to 6 youth aged eleven (11) to eighteen (18) years old.

Program Goals

In all Five Acres programs our goal is to ensure a safe, loving and permanent family for every child in our care. Specific outcomes for our STRTP programs inlcude:

  • To help each child work through underlying issues to help them return to a home setting or transition to a less intensive level of care on their pathway to permanency
  •  Where possible, to work closely with the child’s biological family to help them safely reunify
  •  When reunification is not an option, to find a loving, permanent family for the child through foster-adoption
  •  To help older children develop independent living skills, job experience and higher education so they may thrive as they transition into adulthood

For more information about our Residential Program, please contact Danie Devine, Intake Coordinator: 626 798-6793 ext. 2260