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SAFETY • Our Mission Defined For 126 years children’s safety has been our first priority. When we began in 1888 as The Boys’ and Girls’ Aid Society of Los Angeles safety simply meant providing homeless and orphaned children a place to live. 

Today safety extends beyond our doors into the community. Because lack of safety is often the reason children are removed, Five Acres provides parents training and resources to protect their children. We work collaboratively with families in their homes, schools, and with government agencies and private and public organization in the community.  We educate children and caretakers to prevent or minimize separation and keep families together in their home whenever possible.

Five Acres also trains and supports foster and adoptive families to provide children needing homes a safe place to heal and thrive. Through our Grace Center domestic violence program we provide skills and confidence that is needed to maintain a safe environment.
WELL-BEING • Our Mission Defined 125 years ago when we began, well-being meant three meals a-day, clean clothes, access to public education and health care via our campus infirmary.

Today well-being encompasses a child’s mental well-being in addition to their physical comfort.  Children affected by unstable situations often need therapy and emotional health services. Five Acres provides needed counseling in homes, schools, and community locations. When a structured residential setting is needed, our young residents enjoy birthday and holiday celebrations and outings. They participate in school, art therapy, sports, music, dances, talent shows and special activities. Still, well-being is best achieved in a healthy family environment so Five Acres assists families to overcome challenges, to build on their strengths and to achieve planned objectives and home placement.
PERMANENCY • Our Mission Defined When Five Acres began in 1888 few laws existed to protect children or women. Thoughts of permanency did not begin until the 1950s.

Permanency today is crucial. This means connecting each child with a permanent, loving home - be it biological, foster or adoptive. Research has shown that a child’s life and well-being improves considerably when there is at least one adult relationship that he/she can rely upon. Frequently children come to us having never experiencing a stable, caring relationship. Five Acres works to strengthens families and strives to find a permanent loving family for every child.

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Five Acres, The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of Los Angeles County, is a child and family services agency that strengthens families and prevents child abuse through treatment and education in community-based and residential Programs. Originally founded in 1888 as an orphanage, today Five Acres offers an array of services including residential care and educational services, mental health services in homes and schools, foster care and adoptions, and domestic violence prevention.

Five Acres, The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society is the oldest non-sectarian child abuse agency in the San Gabriel Valley and has been caring for society's most vulnerable children for 126 years. We have been accredited since 1957 and are one of the few agencies in Los Angeles County accredited by the internationally recognized Council on Accreditation (COA). Ninety-eight percent of our clients are considered poor or below the poverty level.

Five Acres is a 501(c)(3) organization with a certified (#19-64881-6917199), WASC accredited Therapeutic School.

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The Best Day of My Life

Ted and Xavi adopted their two sons through the Five Acres Foster Care and Adoptions program on May 16, 2011. Ted tells us, “The best day of my life Family vacation and updatewas when we went to court to finalize the adoption. When we went into the courtroom and I sat down in front of the judge, I just started crying. Then everyone who came with us started crying. So many tears of joy!
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Extraordinary Families & CWI

The Child Welfare Initiative (CWI) has developed a collaborative network of resources to facilitate the recruitment, training and ongoing support to foster parents of a particular segment of children. Therapeutic foster care involves children who have greater behavioral and emotional needs and require a greater level of care from the parents.

Collaborating with six respected foster family agencies in the greater Los Angeles area (Aviva, ChildNet, Children’s Institute Inc., Five Acres, Hathaway-Sycamores and Olive Crest), the Children’s Welfare Initiative has created an interactive community of resources housed at The site launches today and serves as a means to inform interested parents on the level of care needed to successfully parent one of these children. The Child Welfare Initiative... 

Why We Ask

We ask for support so we can continue to locate, train, license and provide safe loving homes for vulnerable children touched by abuse, neglect, trauma or loss. We ask so Nadia can have a birthday gift, tutoring, celebrate the holidays or experience a day of childhood fun at Knott's. We ask for education funds for teens forced out of care and support because they turned a day older and no longer qualify for foster care. We ask for each child, each woman and each family touched by violence, drugs, tragedy and circumstance. We ask because grant sources have shrunk, donations have dwindled and government funding has been reduced. Although the economy has changed, the needs of our children have not. We ask because we know you want to make a difference. The time to do it is now. DONATE NOW

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