Five Acres 21 Club with three children in heart frames

Support over 7,000 children and families

We’re excited to be promoting a club open to all ages! We’re excited to have launched our monthly giving club the 21 Club! Individuals of all ages can participate.

How do you join?

To belong, support Five Acres by donating $21 per month. No need to wait in line to enter. Your heart and support for the work we do is all we need to continue ensuring safety, well-being, and permanency in the five counties we serve. When you sign up, you’ll also be included in the Family Circle, our monthly giving group, to support our work in giving HOPE and care to the over 7,000 children and families we serve year-round!

Why $21 per month? 

This amount is directly tied to our cause awareness goal of increasing overall giving to support our over 7,000 children and families from .58¢ per day to .70¢ per day which equals $21 per month.

We’ll be sharing 21 reasons why you should join, ways to support, post on social media, and feature videos and public service announcements to engage with our Five Acres community.

So what are you waiting for? Come on ‘in’ and sign up here!


Thank you, once again, for your critical support by signing up today for this automatic monthly donation of $21.