Our Residential Services are structured to serve children ages six through eighteen years old who are experiencing a higher level of emotional and behavioral challenges that cannot be supported safely within a home environment and require around-the-clock supervision. We provide mental health services in a safe, nurturing, residential-based setting for clients to stabilize these high-risk behaviors to successfully transition back into a home setting.

The program focuses on family-centered care within a goal-oriented framework. Each client’s history is considered as a factor for treatment. Experiences are designed to be trauma-informed, therapeutic, and planned to meet the diagnosed needs of the client and their family members.

Our beautiful residential campus is located on a lush, five-acre property in Altadena and features:

• home-like cottages

• large indoor and outdoor recreation centers

• a swimming pool

• art and music rooms

• 24/7 supervision with a 4:1 child to staff ratio

These intensive inpatient services include:

• daily sessions with one or more of our residential team members comprised of:

  • – Clinicians who provide individual and family therapy.

  • – Rehabilitation Specialists who provide individual behavioral support.

  • – Case Managers who meet with parent(s) on an as-needed basis, to connect them with services and resources to meet recovery goals.

  • – Crisis Intervention Specialists who provide crisis support, as needed.

  • – Education Enrichment Specialists who provide therapeutic skill-building services.

  • – Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist evaluations, including medication support services, if needed.

• services in English, Spanish, and other languages through an interpreter.

• accessible meeting options for parent/caregiver through telehealth or on-campus.

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