Become an Adoptions Mentor

Adoption Promotion Support Services Mentoring Program

Have you ever thought about becoming a mentor to an adoptive child or parent? The Mentor Program at Five Acres is designed to match mentors with children and adults who are part of the Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) program. The program serves children who are approved for adoption, adults who are ready to adopt, and children and families who are in or have gone through the adoption process.

Mentors spend time with their mentees on a monthly basis and develop supportive, caring relationships. They provide a listening ear, friendship, and enjoy time together doing things that both enjoy. They go bowling, see movies, play basketball, go to the mall, enjoy the outdoors, go hiking and biking, attend professional sporting events, and just enjoy one another’s company.

How to Get Started

Five Acres is committed to grow its mentor program and is seeking compassionate adults – men and women – who would like to make a difference in the lives of adoptive children and parents. We do not currently have enough mentors to meet our needs.

Are you a former foster youth, adoptee or adoptive parent? If so, then consider becoming a mentor for our Adoption Promotion and Support Services.  To get started, simply submit an application and schedule a meeting with the Five Acres Mentor Supervisor. Once your application and training process is complete, a match with a mentee is made.

Mentor Training and Support

Mentors participate in an initial training program to prepare them for their mentee match.  Once the training is complete and they are formerly matched with their mentee, they begin attending monthly meetings where they gain support and valuable tools for becoming effective mentors. These meetings are quite powerful, as mentors share experiences and develop strong connections with one another.

Things to Consider…

Potential mentors should consider the amount of time that they are able to invest in the relationship and must understand that one of their key roles is to be a stable, consistent person in the mentees’ life. The ideal mentor is an active listener, encourager, and is able to demonstrate confidence in the mentee. Mentor responsibilities include making contact with their mentee on a monthly basis, completing the initial APSS Mentor Training, and participate in ongoing monthly training.

Get Started Today!

If you are interested in learning more about the program or becoming a mentor, please contact Five Acres’ APSS Program Supervisor, Jill Mattinson-Cruz at (626) 379-6731 or These children and adults need you.  Call today!