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Adoption Promotion Support Services Mentoring Program

Are you a formerĀ foster youth,Ā adopteeĀ orĀ adoptive parent considering a volunteer opportunity?Ā Join our team of Mentor Volunteers, by becoming a mentor to children and families in the Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) program.

What does a Mentor do…

Mentors spend time with their mentees on a monthly basis to develop supportive, caring relationships. They provide a listening ear and enjoy time together engaging in activities such as going to the park, attending sporting events, and watching movies.

Who we serve…

TheĀ Mentor Program at Five AcresĀ is designed to match mentors with children and adults who are part of the Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) program. The Mentor program serves youth who are in the process of adoption, adults who are ready to adopt, as well as children and families who are have finalized their adoptions.

Things to considerā€¦

Potential mentors should consider the amount of time they are able to invest in the relationship. A key role of the mentor is to be a stable, consistent person in the menteesā€™ life.

Mentor training and supportā€¦

Mentors participate in an initial training program to prepare them for their mentee match.Ā  Once the training is complete and they are formerly matched with a mentee, they begin attending monthly meetings where they share experiences and gain valuable tools for becoming effective mentors.

Next steps…

If you are interested in learning more about the program or becoming a mentor, please contact Five Acres’ APSS Group and Mentor Supervisor, Adriana Luquin at (626) 390-3716 or To start your application to become a mentor, fill out the form below!

Mentor Questionnaire

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