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Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Covina CA 

Even though most of us try to limit stress in our lives, there will always be family situations when life does not turn out as we hoped. Both adults and children are susceptible to a sense of instability and stress, sometimes leading to depression, anxiety, disruptive behaviors or even substance abuse. Though it can be difficult to determine where to go to get help you can afford, Five Acres behavioral health services Covina is here for you.

Established in 1888, Five Acres is San Gabriel Valley’s oldest nonprofit. We provide mental health and behavioral health services in Covina and across Los Angeles, meeting you and your families at home, school, or within your community to make mental health as accessible as possible.

A Growing Need
With 1 in 5 adults suffering from mental health issues and the number among children ages 13–18 just as high, more parents and kids than ever are in need of effective care to regain a sense of stability in their lives. Five Acres provides access to certified marriage and family therapists and licensed social workers to provide you and your child with the help  you need.

Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Covina CA
Our team of caring professionals have years of experience in family and children’s mental health services Covina. We provide individual therapy, family therapy and parent/caregiver support, tailoring our services to the unique needs of your family. Our board certified psychiatrists specialize in treating children and adolescents, providing psychological assessments to ensure care is coordinated to your child’s individual areas of improvement.

Key Benefits to Five Acres Community Based Services
Although each family’s mental health needs differ, there are shared benefits to receiving therapeutic care. Here are some benefits to working with Five Acres’ clinicians:

  • Coping Skills for Daily Life
    Enlisting the help of professional mental health service providers can boost your ability to cope with the challenges of daily life. Five Acres counselors help you identify underlying issues and create practical solutions to mitigate stress.
  • Repaired Broken Relationships
    Five Acres’ key mission is to help parents and children to form permanent family bonds. When behavioral and mental issues are left unaddressed, the strength of that bond can weaken. Five Acres creates a safe space where family members can receive individual or group therapy to work out their difficulties with an impartial listening ear. The end result is a family with a deeper understanding of each member and tools to communicate.
  • Improved quality of life
    When old traumas are confronted, it’s harder for new ones to take root. Addressing existing mental and behavioral health issues can release your family from the pain of old hurts to enjoy your current life again.

Reach Out to Five Acres Today
If your family is in need of help and you’d like to learn more about how Five Acres’ behavioral health services Covina can assist, contact us 800-696-6793 or email