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Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Los Angeles

Mental and behavioral health issues can be challenging subjects for many families. Even when we realize we need help, we may not know who to turn to or where to go to receive the appropriate help and care. Sometimes, the stigma associated with mental and behavioral health can be so powerful that we do not seek help at all. Or perhaps the perceived expense of therapeutic care prevents us from reaching out.

At Five Acres, we recognize than any or all of these challenges may come into play when it comes to our mental and behavioral health—and we’re here to help. For those in search of behavioral health services Los Angeles, take action and call Five Acres.

Five Acres Behavioral Health Services in Los Angeles
Established in 1888 as the second-oldest non-profit in Los Angeles, we have decades of counseling experience in childhood and family behavioral health issues. As Five Acres has grown as an organization, we’ve worked alongside a vast array of families, each with their own unique set of needs and strengths. We take a personalized, evidence-based approach to help each family achieve their optimum mental health.

How Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Los Angeles Can Help You
So how can enlisting mental health services Los Angeles help you, your child or your family?

You partner with a trained and certified mental health care professional
When you partner with a licensed therapist with Five Acres, you have access to an impartial third party. We create a safe space to talk without the bias or prejudice you may encounter when discussing challenging issues with friends or family.

You receive care where you feel the most comfortable
Therapists and social workers from Five Acres’ community based programs will meet you in your home, school or community to make access to mental healthcare easier than ever.

Your care is tailored to your individual needs
Five Acres’ mental health services are based on a deep assessment of your family and child. From individual therapy to psychotropic medication assessment to parent/caregiver support, Five Acres is here for you regardless of age, gender, beliefs or orientation.

Reach out to Five Acres today
The health of our minds, bodies and spirit work hand in hand. To learn more about how Five Acres Behavioral Health Services Los Angeles can help you and your family, contact us today at 800-696-6793 or email us at

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