You can make a generous gift to Five Acres while providing a secure, fixed income for life for yourself, you and a loved one, or another person. You make a gift of cash or stock to the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) and designate which organization or organizations you would like to receive an immediate grant. In return, PCF will make payments to you which are guaranteed for life.
To qualify for a Charitable Gift Annuity you must be 65 years old or older and your gift must be a minimum of $10,000. Each payment is fixed as of the date of your gift. That means your payments will never change, even if interest rates or the stock market changes. The amount depends upon the age of the person who receives the payments. You will also receive a tax deduction in the year that you set up the gift annuity.The Pasadena Community Foundation has brought together a consortium of non-profit agencies to enable them to provide Charitable Gift Annuities to their dedicated donors. For over 128 years, Five Acres has been committed to preserving successful childcare programs and developing innovative services for children and families in crisis. With over 100,000 clients served since its founding in 1888, Five Acres currently cares for 8,500 children and families annually, across five counties including Los Angeles. Pasadena Non-Profits WORKING TOGETHER Please contact Five Acres at 626.798.6793, x2249