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Five Acres Deaf Services

Established in 1991, Five Acres’ Deaf Services program was the first of its kind, providing therapeutic services in American Sign Language to Deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Los Angeles. Today, we’ve expanded our mental health services to include Deaf adults, offering individual and family therapy for Deaf persons in their home, school or community.  By promoting appropriate and linguistically sensitive treatment for Deaf children and adults, our mission is to help families stay together and thrive.

Services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community

Five Acres provides mental health services tailored to the culture and language of Deaf children and adults (ages 0–20) who reside within Los Angeles County.

Services include:

  • Direct cultural and linguistic therapeutic services in the following languages: American Sign Language, English and Spanish. ASL-English-Spanish or ASL interpreters are used during family therapy sessions to ensure language is not a barrier to healing.
  • Individual and family therapy with Deaf children and adults in their homes, schools or community to support strong mental health
  • Treatment using a team approach, utilizing psychiatric services and medication management to compliment therapeutic treatment
  • Case management with referral assistance to link you with additional services
  • Rehabilitation services to help individuals master coping and social skills to promote healthy living and mental wellness
  • Deaf parenting workshops which meet all requirements for court and Department of Child and Family Services certification

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