Five Acres held its 3rd annual Clinical Conference in Pasadena


[Monday, February 22, Altadena, CA] – Five Acres, a 128 year old agency promoting safety well-being and permanency for children and families in LA County hosted its third annual Clinical Conference. Through this annual event, Five Acres offers a platform for clinicians to enhance their knowledge and skills and acquire continuing education credits  for MFT, LPCCS, LEPs and/or LCSW’s, as a requirement by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Hosted by Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Rachel McClements, Psy D, and Director of Clinical Training, Katherine Tsai, Ph D. this year’s conference offered the more than two hundred clinicians from Five Acres and other local agencies a live seminar, “Understanding and Working Within Diverse Contexts of Child Development: Connecting Research to Applications”  presented by Ioakim Boutakidis, Ph. D. Associate Dean of Student Success

College of Health & Human Development at the California State University, Fullerton.


This all day seminar examined content around the areas of developmental science including,  socio-cultural variations in child development, how cultural and socioeconomic attributes affect parenting styles and what research tells us are the most effective points of clinical and social service intervention, to name a few.

Chief Clinical Officer ,Dr. Rachel McClements shares with us,

“Five Acres believes strongly in investing back into the staff, we acknowledge how important it is for our mental health practitioners to be up to date on the most current research in working with children and families, and apply that research to the work that they do, every day, ensuring the children we serve are kept safe, have wellbeing and belong in a permanent loving family home. It was delight to experience 2 days of learning with the entire clinical team.”


About Five Acres:

Five Acres is a child and family services agency based in Altadena, California strengthening families and preventing child abuse through treatment and education in community-based and residential programs. Established as an orphanage for forty boys in 1888, today Five Acres offers an array of services including community-based services, residential treatment, a non-public school and foster care and adoptions supporting more than 8,500 children and families across five counties. More information at