Creating Families Today: A Conversation with local Social Service Agencies

One City One Story
Thursday, March 3
Pasadena Central Library • 285 E. Walnut St. • Pasadena, CA

6 p.m. • Reception in West Patio
7 p.m. • Panel Discussion followed by Q & A in Donald Wright Auditorium
6 – 9 p.m. • Social Service Agencies Information Displays

The Children’s Aid Society and Orphan Asylums of the past have evolved into today’s social service agencies that provide residential treatment, foster care and adoption, transitional living assistance for emancipated foster youth, and a myriad of mental health and educational support services for youth.

Representatives from local social service agencies Five Acres, Hathaway-Sycamores and Hillsides will join Library Director Jan Sanders in conversation, sharing information on the history of their agencies, what they are doing in the community today and how the community can support them now and in the future.