Become a permanent piece of Five Acres history!

Today in Los Angeles, more than 20,000 children are growing up without a permanent family. Help us connect them with loving homes and leave a legacy of your own by joining our permanency tile campaign! Your gift of $1,000 or more will be honored with an inscribed tile on the McCreight Foundation Pathway to Permanency tile wall—permanently installed at Five Acres as a testament to your commitment to helping children in need.


4 x 4 1/2 inches

4 x 1/2 in. Hexagon Tile

Up to 80 characters


4 x 4 inches

4 x 4 in. Square Tile

Up to 80 characters


8 x 4 inches

8 x 4 in. Rectangle Tile

Up to 128 characters


8 x 8 inches

8 x 8 in. Square Tile

Up to 136 characters

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Please note the character limitation for your tile selection. Character limit includes spaces. If you are purchasing more than one tile, please submit a separate order form for each.

Impact of Your Gift on the Children & Families We Serve

You’re not merely purchasing a tile when you contribute to this campaign. Your gift creates a tangible connection between the children we serve and the permanent family they need and deserve. Here are some examples of the impact your gift makes:

Portrait of African-American little curly haired girl in yellow dress laughing and dancing with closed eyes against white background

• $1,000 – Home visit transportation as adoptions are finalized for multiple foster children

• $2,500 – Provides respite care (childcare by certified caregivers) for foster parents to help them stay refreshed and committed

fosterfutures five acres

• $5,000 – Supports one family through their certification process to become a foster family to 2–3 children

• $10,000 – Fuels Five Acres’ foster/adoptive family recruitment and awareness campaigns, reaching hundreds of families

Founding Members

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the following founding members of this campaign. Your gift has opened the door for children in need of permanent, loving families.

Carmen Benitez
Jennifer and John Berger
Chanel and Ioakim Boutakidis
Keri and Andrew Crowell
Ryan and Maria Dietz
Elizabeth Gonzalez and Chris Chacon
Christianne and Charles Kerns
Dan and Kelley Lashley
Celeste and Samuel Liversidge

Paul and Linda Maurin
Rachel and George McClements
Sue McGuirl and Bob Musselman
Valerie Nellen
Nicole and Bob Rodger
Chris and Steve Selak
Erica Tejeda
Kathy and Bill Wishner

Thank you to our additional tile donors!

Carolyn Adams
Jim Avedikian
Reginald and Suzanne Barnes
Armen and Rita Baranian
Linda Barrett-Walsh
Jay and Meta Berger
Carole Brady
David W. Bryant
Renee Chang
Rene and Charlie Chiara
Christine and Jay Davis
Five Acres Children’s Guild
Sharon Giannotta
Liz and Mike Giordano
Laura Gordon
David and Anita Graft
Sam and Amy Greenberg
Wendy Gutierrez and Ryan Hunt
Kirsten Hansen and Allen Shay
Huntington Culinary Inc.
Dr. Doug and Jane Krech
Cherie Kyte and Mason Lange

Sonny and Jennifer Lulla
Richard A. McDonald, Esq.
Jeff and Karen McGraa
Mariann and Tom Nolan
Anne B. Peterson
Amy and Lance Polverini
Shoshana Puccia
David and Laura Quigg
Nicole Rasic
John and Charlotte Reith
Margaret Sedenquist
Hripsime and Hrach Shahbazian
Shaulon Shanklin
Cathy Simms and Garrett Bell
Katherine Solaini
The Stewart Family
David Walling
Helen and Will Webster Foundation
Carol and Bob Williams
Joan Winchell
Anita Yagjian
Judy Young


Please contact Brandon Ito: | 626-773-3750.

Special Note: If you would like to donate via stock, click here to view our stock gift instructions.