Little girl with a princess crown holding a doll and words that read Five Acres Wish List Wednesday


Our kids in foster care were placed with us because they’ve experienced abuse and neglect. Their childhoods haven’t been carefree and blissful. Instead, they’ve had to learn how to survive. The past 16 months have been trying for our Five Acres kids, who weren’t able to visit their families as much as they would’ve liked to and had to do remote learning on our campus. So we’d like to make their childhood extra memorable. 
Childhood should be easy and carefree. We need your support in making kids’ wishes come true. Besides sponsoring a birthday cake, some of our kids would like to get personal lunch boxes, go on outings, take trips to the beach, go to the movies, and participate in experiences and activities that create childhood bliss.
Every other Wednesday, we’ll share a wish list item that will help bring childhood wishes to come true. Will you help us by donating funds to fulfill an item on our wish list? We’re counting on the support of our 5A family and friends to create childhoods that are easy, carefree, and blissful.
Teen girl wearing a hello kitty backpack and the words five acres wish list wednesday
child at a desk studying in a classroom with a computer
child wearing headphones at a computer
child wearing headphones at a computer and the words say Five Acres wish list wednesday to ensure every child has back-to-school items, please donate towards our $7,000 goal today

Back-to School Items

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for everyone, including our kiddos. No doubt that within a few weeks, students will be ready to see their friends, meet new teachers, and learn about different topics. Starting a new school year means having the tools, resources, and items to give you the confidence you need to make sure you’re starting on the right foot. For our kids, having new backpacks, school supplies, and new clothes to don on that first day of school is no different than the experience of others.
Our kiddos worked hard every day, making sure they stayed on track during remote learning. They are pictured wearing a backpack last year, studying on computers, and learning via online educational platforms. Help us ensure our kiddos get the boost of confidence they need. Our goal for back-to-school supplies is $7,000, which will ensure our children get what they need to be prepared for the new school year. Please donate today.
a picture of a child holding a sandwich container with a sandwich in it and an apple on top and the words that say sandwich containers
a picture of a child with a lunchbox and words that say colorful lunchboxes
a picture of a lunchbox with food and the words that say to ensure every child has a lunchbox, please donate towards our $750 goal today for Five Acres wish list wednesday

colorful lunchboxes

Our kids have been getting lunch at summer school, then bring it back in a generic bag. They’d love to get unique and fun lunchboxes to carry their food. Please consider making a donation that will serve up some great food in themed lunchboxes. Lettuce give you the details: We need to raise $750 to purchase 50 lunchboxes. 

Here’s some food for thought (pun intended): They’ll feel extra special and you’ll know you did something good today. Spread your love! 

Personalized Birthday Cakes

A 15-year-old boy who lives in our Falcon cottage wants to be a police officer, so he was thrilled when a Five Acres Guild Member came through and personalized his birthday cake. Birthdays, just like childhoods, should be easy and carefree. We need your support in making kids’ wishes come true this summer, especially on their birthdays! 
This Wish List Wednesday we need $1,500 to buy birthday cakes for our kiddos. Please help us celebrate our kids’ birthdays by giving them a chance to make a wish and blow out their candles. You can make a donation below.