Community Based Specialty Division

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Five Acres Community Based Specialty Division comprises of five specialty programs:
Deaf Services; Family Preservation; Birth to Five; Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT); and Co-Occurring. This Division focuses on providing specialized, preventative, and early intervention services to support keeping children safely in the home, facilitate family reunification, prevent the need for out of home placements, and improve the overall quality of life for the children and families we serve.

Deaf Services

Established twenty five years ago in 1991, the Five Acres Deaf services program was the first of its kind and is the only program today, in Los Angeles County, Five Acres provides the only community based counseling program in LA County to Deaf individuals where services are provided in American Sign Language.

Services are delivered in ASL by professionals who understand the unique needs, strengths, values and culture of Deaf clients and families. Our therapists work directly to address the needs of children, teens, and their families in individual and family settings. We provide counseling services, working with the students, teachers, and parents to address such issues such as tragedies within school, depression among students, crisis intervention, and bullying. We work with children and families who are going through divorce and other crises and focus on improving family relationships and reducing problematic behaviors. Additionally we provide consultation and referral, parent education, and client advocacy. We are committed to effective communication so ASL and Trilingual interpreters are provided so that language is not a barrier.

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Family Preservation

Five Acres Family Preservation Program was established in 1994. Since Five Acres began providing Family Preservation Program services our program has served the child protection and child welfare needs of more than 13,000 DCFS and Probation families and an estimated 9,000 children.

The Family Preservation Program is an integrated community-based approach to service delivery and is designed to prevent families under stress from entry into the public child welfare system and providing community-based child welfare services for those children and families in the Emergency Response, Family Maintenance, and Family Reunification programs of DCFS and placement diversion program of Probation. These families would include, but are not limited to, children who have been victims of abuse, experiencing crises that threaten to break-up the family unit, families with domestic violence and/or substance abuse issues, families with mental health, developmental disabilities, behavioral and/or educational issues, and probation youth who are engaging in delinquent behaviors and at risk of being placed out-of-the home.

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Birth to Five

Five Acres Birth to Five Program was established in 2014. This program specializes in serving the children ages 0 to 5. Our Clinicians use evidence-based interventions to help guide families through crisis and help parents develop the tools they need to improve the quality of the parent/child relationship, to improve parenting skills, and to decrease their child’s behavioral issues.

Early healthy attachment in the first five years of a child’s life builds a strong foundation for the child’s long term development and well-being. In addition, by providing early interventions to families in crisis, we help to reduce the risk of incidents of child maltreatment.

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Multidisciplinary Assessment (MAT)

Five Acres Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT) Program was established in 2005. MAT program is a collaborative effort between DMH, DCFS, and community providers. The goal of this program is to ensure that all newly detained children and their families are provided with a timely, comprehensive, and strength based assessments and ensures the children and families are appropriately linked to needed services in a timely manner. Early assessments and linkage to appropriate services for newly detained children ensures the child receive the support they need to minimize the trauma of the detainment and ensure the child receives the appropriate services to address their educational, mental health, vocational, family support, medical, dental, developmental, and hearing/linguistic needs.

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Five Acres Co-Occurring Program was established in 2016. Five Acres Research Department completed a Needs Assessment in 2015, which indicated a one in every ten children/youth entering Five Acres programs during FY13-14 and FY14-15 had either an immediate need for substance use intervention or a need for preventive/educational services in this area. The rate of needs rose sharply among early- and late-teenage clients. The Co-Occurring Program provides integrated treatment to help our clients effectively address both their presenting mental health and substance use issues at the same time. Integrated treatment have been shown to be associated with lower costs and better outcomes in areas such as reduced substance use, improved psychiatric symptoms and functioning, decreased hospitalization, fewer interactions with the criminal justice system, and an overall improved quality of life.

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