Artistic Picture of the City of Pasadena CA Skyline

About the City of Pasadena CA

Pasadena CA is just 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The city has the San Gabriel Mountains to its northern borders and is home to about 140, 000 people living in the city. These statistics only came out in 2010 during the Census. The numbers have been in a stagnant mode since the 90s when the population was at 130,000 with only a slight change on the percentage increase in recent data.

Surveys made in the City of Pasadena have revealed a median age of 36.9 of people living in the city. In terms of ethnicity, the same survey revealed a diverse ethnicity in Pasadena. Caucasians make up the the majority of the citizens, followed by a considerable percentage of Latinos and African American ethnic groups. Asians have also had their fair share and the rest being other natives groups. These numbers reflect the same in terms of language.

Pasadena is a quiet place with a mayor on the top governance of the city. You can say the city is well educated with over 85% individuals being high school graduates and 45% having at least a bachelor’s degree or higher.


It all started during a severe winter in the 1870s. A group of friends couldn’t take it anymore; they formed an investment group with a purpose of finding a warm climate in Southern California. A scout recommended a portion of Rancho San Pasqual which later becoming Pasadena.

Word has it that the name originated from the word valley in the Indian language, later interpreted to mean key of the valley.

One of the sole motives of incorporation of Pasadena was to abolish saloons and alcohol sale. In fact, the city passed an ordinance in 1887 to ban liquor in Pasadena. Clearly, our ancestors would be surprised if they saw our modern restaurants, bars and clubs.

It is obvious the city of Pasadena has changed a lot. Once, it had a population of only 38 people now about 140, 000. With no plans for a business district by early settlers, the area has however turned from an agricultural community to a modern business district and culture rich city. It is now home to most successful technology, finance and engineering companies in the world with a highly educated workforce as seen in the statistics.

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Restaurants and Shopping

The diverse culture in the City of Pasadena makes it a top destination food lovers. Pasadena is home to tasteful institutions. Debutants have lots to taste on either side of restaurants swinging across all directions. Even natives are yet to complete the full menu of different foods offered at different restaurants in Pasadena.

With an almost endless list of dishes and cuisines available in Pasadena, one’s pallet will never run out of options. Among the best is El Metate, a restaurant offering the best Mexican dishes you will ever get. Additionally, Lincoln is another favorite for both natives and visitors. Only established in 2014, the restaurant feels like it has been there forever. But that’s just the shoreline in the sea of restaurants in the area.

Shopping in old town Pasadena can only be described as exquisite. Head to the foothill and discover the art scenes in Pasadena that make the area a major shopping destination for tourist all over. From boutiques and bookstores to art studios. Many shoppers testify to having an epic shopping experience.

Nightlife and Attractions

Some of the top attractions in the city include popular places like the Warner bros studios and also beach piers and the mountains.

Nights in Pasadena are quite vibrant. From bars and clubs to wine tasting. Visit the Monopole Wine and sample the fruit of the vine at an ideal wine tasting bar. Generous pours and very friendly servers. Don’t call it a night yet, have you ever been to a comedy show? Icehouse comedy club just offers the perfect comic relief. At the Club 54 enthralled music lovers will have a great night out.