Superhero kids flying in capes
Superheroes are benevolent individuals triggered by unusual circumstances that cause them to show up with superhuman powers to save the day. Every day, our superheroes show up at Five Acres as clients, donors, volunteers, and team members. The pandemic year demonstrated, once again, the superhuman powers these individuals have when we were faced with numerous challenges.

Superheros UNITE! In Safety

We’re excited to announce our annual report for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 where we introduce you to a partnership with Carbon Health and our Residential Program team and nursing staff. Take a sneak peek at our gallery that depicts our commitment to ensuring children and staff’s safety.

Superheroes UNITE! In Well-being

As many individuals worked remotely, children attended school on Google classroom, and families were overextended during the pandemic, all struggled with fatigue. Working, going to school, and living in the same space, many individuals found themselves blurring the boundaries. Find out how our staff quickly pivoted to providing telehealth services and ongoing mental health to our clients, while the Wellness Committee united our workforce in superhuman ways this past year.

Watch the video of our essential staff, reminding us why we do what we do—it’s all for the kids and together we can get through anything.

Superheroes UNITE! In Permanency

Foster-adoptive parents are everyday superheroes who care for these children. Their superhuman strengths vary just like their path to permanency. Before coming to Five Acres, Gina Barker-Foster and Dana Foster unexpectedly took in Gina’s biological niece and nephew for what they thought would be days, which turned into years and a forever home. Read their story and grab your tissues before you watch or hear Gina and Dana’s story. You can watch the video below or hear the podcast too!

Superheroes UNITE! As Volunteers

Our annual report wouldn’t be complete without the volunteer support we receive from individuals like Florence Nelson, who serves as a co-president of the Children’s Guild, or the ones that leave their mark on the world like Billie Youngblood-Knolle.

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Here’s how our children show their superpowers.
Five Acres Annual Report Cover for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 with superhero children wearing capes
Read our 2020-2021 Annual Report.