About the City of Altadena

The City of Altadena is in Los Angeles County, California. As an unincorporated and census-designated place, the city is approximately 14 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Altadena is also north of the City of Pasadena – and as of the 2010 census – has a population of 42,777 residents. The L.A. County Sherriff’s Department operates the Altadena Station in the city. Similarly, the California Highway Patrol also has an office on Windsor Drive in Altadena. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the Monrovia Health Center, which primarily services Altadena residents.

History of Altadena

Derived from Spanish, the name, Altadena with alta meaning upper and dena from Pasadena. The latter, of course, is the city that Altadena is immediately north of Pasadena. Early settlers date back to the mid-1860s when Benjamin Eaton developed water sources from Eaton Canyon and Arroyo Seco. These sources helped irrigate his vineyards, and would later play a pivotal role in developing Altadena, Pasadena, and South Pasadena. Construction of the area was mainly under the guidance of B.D. Wilson and John Griffin. Both gentlemen co-owned the Mexican land grant of Rancho San Pascual, which amounted to around 14,000 acres. Of course, this would become the future sites of the cities of Altadena and Pasadena.

As development grew, more settlers from all over the region poured in. Investors also made it possible to build homes and farms – many still standing today in the old part of town. Today, Altadena is a growing community with residential homes, commercial establishments, and most anything you would find in cities across America.

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Nightlife – Attractions – Points of Interest

There are several points of interest in Altadena. This includes the famous Christmas Tree Lane, which has been a holiday attraction since 1920. This area has the oldest large-scale outdoor Christmas lighting venue in the world. Christmas Tree Lane has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1990. Other things to do and see in Altadena include:

  • Balian Mansion – This attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world.
  • Mount Lowe Railway – picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery of the mountains.
  • Dawn Mine – Chaney Trail – Sunset Ridge Trail – great hiking, walking, and bicycling paths. Perfect for exploring Mother Nature at her best.
  • Cobb Estate Botanical Gardens – perfect for spending time with loved ones and friends.
  • Farnsworth Park – picnics, family reunions, play areas for kids, clubhouse and amphitheater for local shows and nightlife events.

The City of Altadena also has a Town Council to govern the city. The Altadena Chamber of Commerce monitors businesses and city expansion. All historical information can be found at the Altadena Historical Society, and the area is also home to the Altadena Library District. There are plenty of schools in and around Altadena and Pasadena as well.

Business and Commerce

Altadena is a growing community with plenty of commerce and business. From restaurants and franchises to hotels and entertainment venues, here are some of the top businesses and commercial establishments in Altadena:

  • Landscape Warehouse 3
  • Sunbelt Business Brokers
  • Larson and Gaston, LLP
  • HMC Tax Preparation
  • Johnson Law Firm
  • Westlax Financial Services
  • ABI Insurance
  • Pasadena Business Park
  • Acquired Data Solutions

There are several restaurants in Altadena as well. From Mexican and Chinese to Italian and continental food, the area features some of the top eateries and cafes in the region. This includes El Patron Mexican Food Restaurant, along with the Altadena Ale and Wine House. There is also the popular Fox’s restaurant and Mint Leaf Indian Food and Cuisine. For more information on the City of Altadena, simply contact City Hall or check the Web for more details.